Sports Law in Cyprus

The sports industry is becoming more and more commercialised and globalised. As a result, athletes, coaches and other stakeholders engaged in the sports industry are seeking a professional legal guidance so that to safeguard their rights and maximise their profits. Sports law is an emerging area of law that is directly interconnected and overlaps with a variety of legal disciplines, such as contract law, employment law, tort law and defamation, corporate law, immigration law and privacy rights.

The assistance of a professional lawyer who has a thorough knowledge of the aforementioned areas of law is essential both for professionals in the sports industry (i.e. athletes, coaches, physiotherapists, etc.) and other stakeholders, such as the governing boards of sport clubs, investors, etc.

Investors: Sports are not limited only to the regulations of the playing field as they are intertwined with society and economy, especially with entertainment and advertising industries. As a result, sports can be a profitable area of investment, through sponsorship and advertisement. On the one point of view, sports launched opportunities for investment in areas such as broadcasting rights, which is related to the area of Intellectual Property Law. On the other point of view, sports established a new area of marketing that develops opportunities for investment in areas such as sport clubs’ shares as the majority of sport clubs have become companies.

Athletes, Sports Professionals and Clubs: The continuous mobility of athletes and other sports professionals between teams together with the complexity of the contracts includes a variety of legal concerns. As a result, a legal representation of athletes, sport professionals and clubs is vital. Lawyers are able to assist you on matters related to contract law, breach of contracts, transfers, etc.

Before signing a contract, athletes and other sport professionals, should be sure that they are aware of the various clauses and provisions. Note that a contract between a sport professional and a club might be subject to breach. For example, in case a sport club in Cyprus does not honour its engagement regarding its obligations toward the athlete/sport professional, then the athlete/sport professional may submit a claim for remedies and/or damages to Cyprus Courts or FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Chamber. Consequently, the assistance of a professional lawyer is necessary.

Competent Authority in Cyprus:

The competent authority in Cyprus is the Cyprus Sports Organisation (CSO), a semi-governmental organisation. According to the Law, CSO can act as the Supreme Sporting Authority in Cyprus.

Why legal support is necessary?

Sports are considered as one of the most profitable industries with prominent investment opportunities and huge revenues. Therefore, the appropriate legal support may assist athletes, sport professionals and other stakeholders to maximise their benefits and protect their rights. As it has been explained, athletes, sport professionals and other stakeholders, before appointing a legal representative in the Republic of Cyprus, should ensure that their lawyer has a deep knowledge and expertise in a variety areas of law.

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International Sports Ventures – Orientations and Effects

Since sports are the best way to stay fit and healthy, sports should have an essential space in daily routine. So many sports are here to indulge with like football, basketball, cricket etc. In early days sports were only for entertainment and fun but now sports are like the elements of national pride. As any sport emerges in popularity, there might be some rules and regulations for the sake of fairness and wellness of the game. This condition leads to form a regulating authority to govern and organize a fair and successful sporting event. As world gradually converted to a local village, international sports ventures came into light. For every sport, which has global recognition, there is an international governing authority for organizing the international sporting events.

These ventures provide a global identity to the specific sport as well as players. No doubt, Olympics are the greatest sporting events in the world. Olympic Games provide the best platform to a player for his dream performance. To win a medal in Olympics is not only give the name and fame to the player but also it is the concern of national pride. Some other more localized sporting events are also emerged as well such as SAIF games, Commonwealth games, Asian games etc. These events organize so many games in a specific location and time. In some sense, these events bring many cultures and countries under the same umbrella and help to reduce the controversies in international issues. So these events have a sporting impact as well as a social impact.

World cups are also big international sporting events which are oriented to a specific game as ICC world cup, FIFA world cup, Rugby world cup etc. In tennis there are many competitions which are country oriented like US open, Australian open etc. Some club oriented competitions are also in existence, where the players from different national teams play under one flag of specific clubs.

These international sports ventures affect the host country, where they are being organized, in every sense from their economy to infrastructure. These ventures take so much effort and time. Such kind of events leaves a long term social and economical effect. Sometimes international issues are also dealt with these ventures. The tourism industry of host country gets a boost, infrastructure being developed as per international standards. People get employment, as development for these games involve large man power and economic investment.

As these ventures require huge direct investment of funds, it affects the people of hosting countries in some sense. Organizing committee also provide aids for funding, but for organizing a successful event so much amount of dedication and self motivation should be in the host. Some club based events are very successful in generating revenues, since they involve so much glamor and thrill with the game. Some ventures like Olympics and Commonwealth have their sole motive to invoke the people for the importance of games in their life. Other effect of these events is to exchange the social and cultural behavior. They are useful to understand and explore the cultures of different parts of the world.

Internet Authors aren’t losers

Ask the majority of so-called ‘gurus’ to talk about business or self-improvement, and here’s a funny thing. They start talking about sport. That’s odd. Sport isn’t the same as life. It’s completely different. As Brian Tracey says, in sport you get three chances to hit the baseball and then you’re out, but in life you can go up to the mound as many times as you’ve got the energy and the inclination, try hitting the ball, miss and still keep coming back for more. Or, to be precise, keep on swinging until you hit the home run. That’s not allowed in the actual sport. They’re very strict. Three strikes and you’re out.

Yes, if sport is definite about one thing, it’s this. It has rules. It says that you have to pick up the bat and try to hit the ball. It defines how many people can play at one time, where they stand and what they have to aim to do. That’s not like life. In life you can choose anything as an aim, you don’t have to aim for ‘the goal’ that everyone else is looking for. After all, don’t forget, the only reason we have a new game called Rugby in England is that a young schoolboy picked up the ball in the game of soccer and started running with it. Wow, he invented a new game. They came up with some rules to allow for handling, and now England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and France battle it out every year for a metal cup (plus fame and honour). That’s fine, but guess what would happen if someone decided they didn’t like running in the same direction as their team mates now? No, they wouldn’t have invented a new game. They’d be ruled out and sent to sit on the bench. Those are the rules.

Having one agreed goal gives the game a major advantage. You can tell who’s doing well and who’s doing badly. You can measure success. You can tell who’s won. That’s not like life. The glossy magazines are full of stories of rich and famous people who are having miserable lives, divorces and diets. Have they ‘won’? Your neighbourhood is full of people, some of them in big houses and some in small. Who’s winning? The only way you could tell is if you made it into a game, with the rule that the person in the biggest house is the winner. Of what? Well, the ‘biggest house’ game, of course. Okay, that’s true. But it makes no sense. Would that ‘league table’ tell you if they were happy? Or if their kids were doing well and going to college? Or if they weren’t ill?

In the world of publishing they’ve invented a game too. The rules are that authors have to send their manuscripts to posh people in smart offices in the middle of big cities, and these business people then decide which offerings get printed and put into bookshops and which don’t. Any writer who gets taken on by a publisher is ‘a winner’, which means that every author without a publishing deal must be – by the rules of the game – a loser. But what if that writer puts their book up on the internet and signs up with a print-on-demand publisher? That’s not in the rules! But they’ve got their book printed, and, if they pay extra, they can have an ISBN issued, which means it gets listed in catalogues. As far as readers are concerned, there’s no difference. These shoppers go into a bookshop and ask for a particular author. If that person is an Internet Author, the bookshop is unlikely to have the book on its shelves, but they can order it from the publisher, (someone like Even stranger, if a reader goes to an on-line bookstore like Amazon, they can flip through the novels on offer – and not be able to tell which ones come from Traditional Publishers and which don’t! If they order a book that’s listed, they’ll pay for it and have it delivered to their door whether it’s ‘won’ the race to get to an old-style publisher or whether it hasn’t.

Let’s sum up. Authors who have their work published on the internet and their books available on the web – only – are considered to be ‘losers’ by Traditional Publishers and their cronies, traditional critics and journalists. These writers are people who have failed in the race to land a publishing contract. The fruits of that contract – printed work, advertised books, sales – are the same on the web, of course, and some ‘successful’ authors find this out too, when their books first go into bookshops and then end up on the publisher’s own website as well! Internet Authors don’t get the ‘benefits’ flowing from Traditional Publishers, but they do get published. They’ve scored a goal, they’ve won a point, it’s just that they weren’t playing the same game. By the same rules.

Which means they haven’t ‘lost’. The only way you could possibly think that is if you truly believe that you are playing the only game in town. No, Traditional Publishers are having to wake up to the fact that now there other people in the arena too. Trouble is, they aren’t playing by the same rules.

An Understanding of the Sports Terms

There may be some areas of sports where centralization might be pretty desirable. Centralization in this context refers to transferring the sports management is a hierarchy where ultimately there will be one central head under which everyone operates. In this case the central head should understand all the concepts related to the sports. They need not attend a course to be doing it; rather they can have instant reference from an online sport dictionary which is available for free in the internet.

o Using a sport dictionary provides power and prestige to the central authority because they know and are sure at what they are managing. Had they not had the sport dictionary they would have had to listen to what the people under him are tell him is a fact about.
o Legal and governmental relationships become easy with a sport dictionary are used on combination with a legal dictionary.
o An understanding of the many terms and situations of sports with the help of a sport dictionary will have the central administrative official to be flexible and rapidly adjustable to changing sporting situations.
o It reduces that need and cost to appoint yet another assistant for the official with a better understanding of the sports terms if the sports official knows to make the best use of a sport dictionary.
o The usage of sport dictionary and due referral of the terms enables the development of a strong and coordinated management team.

An understanding of the sports terms will help in labor management too. One of the commonest mistakes of sports organizations is the extra usage of machines and labor. If the authorities in charge are knowledgeable about the exact demand of labor required by a said task like leveling a field, painting the field and installation needs, they can reduce the cost of labor involved rapidly.

The purpose of a sport dictionary can also be useful in recording some information in the necessary order in a method of using sports terminology that is understandable for all people of that particular sport, like penalties, goal, over, kick off and lot more. Sports organization should give a lead to all their students to get to be using the sport dictionary to have a wider knowledge of their experience. Gyms and athletic training centers should be equipped with a sport dictionary that is unique to their field. So, that field related terminologies can be easily accessed.